Walking With The Lord Is My Cardio

Eddie Heptinstall

What does it mean to walk with The Lord?

Well, let’s say you just started to a new school. You meet a new friend. Her name is Hannah. You both walk in the same direction to school, so you start walking together. On your daily walk, she talks to you, and you listen. You learn a lot about her and she learns a lot about you. You’re going to grow close to each other. You’ll understand her, learn her likes and dislikes, and she will learn yours.  Friends are such a blessing. It’s so great to have someone to depend on, to sit with, to walk with, etc. No one likes being alone. So you’re obviously going to avoid doing things to upset Hannah. If she strongly dislikes scary movies, you’re probably not going to buy her one for her birthday. You want her to stay friends with you, right?

With that being said, the same goes in your walk with Christ. However, He’s not going to stop loving you over a bad birthday gift! Ha!

Sometimes we forget that we’re never really walking alone. However, you can’t walk with someone if you’re going in two separate directions. So, when you form a relationship with the Lord, and you’re on the same page, you’re taking Him with you wherever you go. Whether you’re walking to school, to work, in the mall or wherever you are, you’re always walking your friend, Jesus. If you’re walking with Him daily, you’re going to know Him better, you’re going to listen to Him, and He will listen to you. You’re going to read your Bible to better understand Him. You’re going to learn His desires for your life. You will strive to do things that please Him. We are sinners and we will always make mistakes and fall short, but if we continue walking with Him daily, He will forgive and will always get us back on the right path!

Is walking with the Lord your cardio?

Luke 10:40-42

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